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Latter-day Saints are hungry for new ideas, inspiration, and doctrinal understanding—but the rising cost of books has made it difficult for most LDS authors to reach out to the Saints. W.W. Phelps & Co. solves this problem by creating the first LDS-centered ebook platform that seeks to connect authors and readers in the easiest possible way! Why should you sign up today? Here's just a few of the reasons why!
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We Can Convert…
DOC:  Microsoft Word document.
DOCX:  Microsoft Office Open XML document.
HTML:  HyperText Markup Language, the language of web browsers around the world.
LWP:  Lotus Word Pro document.
ODF:  Open Document Format document (OpenOffice, etc.).
RTF:  The Microsoft Rich Text Format (RTF) is a generic format writable and readable by most word processors.
SDW:  Star Writer document.
TXT:  Plain text is the most generic format possible. It can be used by anyone.
WPD:  WordPerfect document.

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