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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions describe the relationship between you, the user of this site, and W.W. Phelps & Co.. By using wwphelps.com, you agree with these Terms and Conditions. W.W. Phelps & Co. reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and for any reason. When changed, a notice will be sent to all users and these Terms and Conditions will reflect the date of that change.


Unless specifically indicated otherwise in this document, all currencies, prices, costs, and money are shown as U.S. Dollars (USD).

Use of Images

W.W. Phelps & Co. welcomes the use of personal images that reflect the personality and person of readers, authors, publishers, and the books authors and publishers list for sale through this service.

Pen Names

By providing an image to use with your pen name you hereby grant W.W. Phelps & Co. permission to display that image alongside your pen name in any way deemed appropriate by W.W. Phelps & Co. Use of your personal image with a pen name not a derivative of your legal name may be legally deemed misrepresentation. Use of an image (such as a stock photo) that is not of you may also be deemed legal misrepresentation. W.W. Phelps & Co. accepts no liability for the use of any image or its association with a pen name and reserves the right to discontinue the use of an image should an issue of legal misrepresentation be brought to our attention.

Users may not use pen name images to interfere with the commercial interests of a third party or a third party's right of publicity at any time.


  • Payments are evaluated quarterly for all outstanding sales through the end of the previous month.
  • Checks minimum: $75.00. PayPal minimum: $5.00. No direct deposit.
  • Below minimum accounts are settled on the first settlement date after a year (e.g., a single $1.5 sale in January 2017 will be settled on April 1, 2018).
  • If a descrepency exists between the transaction log and the account balance, the transaction log is correct.
  • If an account is permanently closed, account will be settled in full at thext settlement date.
  • No returns. Please review the book material including the sample on the book's page before buying or activating a gift code.
  • Recipients of book-specific gift codes may opt to receive the gift's cash value rather than be stuck with the book.
  • W.W. Phelps & Co. requires a minimum credit card or PayPal purchase of $5.00. This may leave users with a positive account balance.

Logging In

  • Users are entirely responsible for any actions occuring in relation to the account they created.
  • All accounts are owned by W.W. Phelps & Co. and are leased without charge to the individual who legally and legitimately owns the email addresses used to create an account.
  • Users are entirely responsible for protecting their passwords. W.W. Phelps & Co.tracks the IP addresses used to access each account. If, in the company's sole discretion, the company determines that multiple people are accessing the account and are downloading copies of previously purchased items, then company, at its sole discretion, is hereby authorized by User to apply a charge against their credit card or PayPal account in the amount of the current retail price of all items deemed illegally downloaded.

Privacy Policy

  • Company collects information about User to help manage its Honesty Policy. This information includes, but is not limited to, the IP Addresses used to access the account, when the account was accessed, regional geographic information related to the IP Addresses, and information relating to the HTTP protocol. By creating an account on this site User acknowledges and agrees to this policy.
  • Company will not use information about Users or gathered as a result of User's activities on this site for any purpose other than for the necessary operation of this site and the protection of users who list products for sale through this site.

Gifts and Gift Cards

  • Gifts may not be sent anonymously. The recipient will always see your W.W. Phelps & Co. user name and a permanent record of the transaction will be stored. This is for the safety and protection of the recipient.
  • Once purchased, gifts and gift cards cannot be returned.
  • Recipients of gifts will always have the choice to credit the value of the gift to their account.
  • Gift card codes may be used by anyone. Once used, they cannot be recovered nor their value transferred. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and the recipient to ensure the protection of the code. W.W. Phelps & Co.has no liability concerning the distribution and use of gift cards once the code has been generated.
  • You may send either an email or a postal letter to announce a gift or gift card to the recipient. Email notification is free. Postal mail involes a color brochure with the gift or gift card identified. Postal mail announcements incur a surcharge for shipping and handling of $2.00 for U.S. addresses and $4.00 for international addresses. It is not the responsibility of W.W. Phelps & Co. to ensure delivery of an


  • It is the responsibility of the account owner to use passwords of sufficient strength to protect their account. User passwords may be changed at any time in their account profile.
  • User accounts are linked to email addresses.
  • Requests to recover a lost or forgotten password will result in a new random password assigned to the account. A copy of that password will be sent to the email address linked to the account. Multiple requests to reset passwords may result in blocked access to W.W. Phelps & Co..
  • Only the most recently assigned email address will allow access to its assigned account. However, all previously assigned email addresses are retained for security purposes. Should a user account be stolen, W.W. Phelps & Co. can identify account ownership via the previously assigned email addresses.
  • Changing an account's email will cause a notice to be sent to the old and new email addresses.